Why are we still here…

…just to make games? 


You are reading the blog of indie game company called MansikkaMarmeladi.io ! We are based in Turku, just off the southwest coast of Finland. Turku is the centre hub of Finnish indie gaming scene with help of startup programs like Boost Turku and the Turku Game Hub, no one is ever left alone. We have few friends here and there but mostly work alone bit off the beaten path from the city centre. :)

Here we are! :D


Our company name MansikkaMarmeladi is Finnish and when translated into English it means strawberry marmalade. :3  Either of us ain’t too big of a fan of the product but when we were figuring the name for our company about a year ago this one just kinda stick and grew with us. It’s also a hard name to pronounce with both languages which kinda makes it even funnier for us, evil as we are. We had a definitive stigma for words like games, studio, lab etc. so we tried to aim for something more personal and different. Of course not everybody understands this and the best examples are some Finnish folk who actually think we have something to do with strawberry marmalade. Maybe we should make our own limited amount seasonal marmalade as guerrilla marketing tactics? :D

Who ‘r we?

“Meitä on kaksi, kammottavaksi!” – Team Rocket motto start in Finnish.

Antti – I’m responsible for the game design and code. I’ve been a gamer all my life and my first experience with games was probably SMB3 with NES which we had in my childhood home. (We actually have one in our office as well. Nostalgia never ends!) I got Playstation 1 for Christmas 1997 and it was bundled with Crash 2! We bought PS4 to our office just so I could play the new Crash remastered. So you can already see the pattern here. I was born in the late 80’s but skipped the whole ‘basic’ generation and never was too interested in code or coding. But just enough so that I can shamefully admit that I once run a little scheme in Habbohotel where I was running around with an avatar that had its hands and legs hacked to invisible and when asked about that I would say: “Just give me your pw and I’ll turn your avatar like this as well..” So sorry if you were one of those guys. :D Of course when enough loot was stolen I could setup one of those labyrinths and collect admissions.. Those were different times.

Today: I’m soon graduating with Bachelors of Engineering specialized in embedded systems but still somehow I ended up co-founding a game company. I love how the work I do gives visual feedback. In embedded systems you can write thousands of lines of code and get no feedback (which usually is a very good thing indeed in embedded). I’m maker at heart and doing stuff with my hands is the best feeling no matter if it’s coding, building, molding or any other form. Break it – make it!

You can contact me personally by mail antti@mansikkamarmeladi.io !

Iiro – The stoic voice of reason in this endeavor of ours. Artistic handyman of the team mainly responsible of graphics and writing. I also have lot to say about general game design, gameplay and sound direction. The more forethinking member of the team eager to facilitate Antti’s ideas and occasionally talk him out of becoming the first peanut emperor of western Finland or something equally crazy.

I’ve been a PC gamer all of my life. Mainly playing all sorts of strategy and FPS games (8% better BF1 player than Antti :P). Curiously most of my favorite games end with a number ‘2’, love of my life being Jagged Alliance 2. My game maker roots come from being an avid Red Alert 2 modder back in the day. I’m also enthusiastic follower of esports, mainly Dota 2. My equally nerdy non-computer gamey hobbies include pen and paper RPGs and a healthy addiction to LEGO brand ABS-plastic building blocks.

Like Antti, I’m a graduating (#Soon™) IT engineer, specializing in health informatics. I’ve taken quite a few detours in my studies, dabbling in student culture and politics, but it’s all been very educating and entertaining! I love doing what I do as game development blends hard technical execution with artistic expression, while not forgetting the requirements to design a marketable product.

Currently working

Our first title comes from our youth and the love for nostalgia is strong in this one. It’s a love letter to the original, our own version modernized but still respecting the old feeling that it gave us 20 or so years ago.

Triplane: Furball is 2D dog fighting game that puts 4 players against each other in different battlefields across imaginary continents. It will be launched with single player campaign and local multiplayer against players and/or AI. Launch date is still unconfirmed as we are not doing this full-time. This has already been over a year long process but we are looking to launch soon as possible. End of this year, early next year? Still need to do real work to pay the bills and put some food on the table.

As we jumped to this project with zero experience with game development we really though that this thing would be done in under a year. Oh how the rug was pulled from under our feet. Our next game will totally be something smaller and quicker before we are ready to start something big again. This has been quite a ride so far and the amount of work needed to be done really surprised us.  There has been times of disbelief and probably if it would have been a one-man-project it would have been stayed unfinished for the end of times. We are determined to see this through as some of the comments we have got goes like: “Hey guys! Don’t stop what you are doing as it is an cultural achievement!”

BIG shoutout to dragst @ Draconus Entertainment Ltd as he is the original creator of Triplane Turmoil and kinda gave us his blessing. We were a bit scared as we started this project in secret but the word travels quick in these circles! Thank you for the awesome game you made. <3

The blog

Our blog schedule is at this time set for at least once a week, usually aimed at the end of the week like Friday or Saturday so can enjoy it on your precious free time! We’ll try posting in alternating order so Iiro does one, then Antti makes the next and so on and so forth. So topics will be art and something then code and something. We’ll see how it turns out! If you have any feedback or something you would like us to know or hear you can find us in twitter, instagram or by mail – contact@mansikkamarmeladi.io.



P.S If you search mansikka marmeladi in google in Finland we are the sixth result! xD AWESOME!

Totally not copyrighted image of mansikka marmeladi… ;D

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