Our development process so far… Final part(4)

This will be the last part of the development retrospective where we will take a quick recap and set our eyes to the future of this project.


The core gameplay was built over a year ago. We got it nailed pretty quickly back then and it has not seen much change after that. But it always felt like it was lacking something, somehow didn’t feel that exciting. And it was lacking, a mechanic when plane is flying in a downwards angle with full throttle the speed would never go over the set maxspeed for the plane. So when flying downwards the plane would very quickly accelerate to max and then just stay at it. It made flying feel very boring and not very challenging. So I devised a system which in code is called “speed overCharge” :D. Basically how it works is that when plane is flying downwards, it gets the plane angle and depending how steep the angle is, it adds an x amount to maxSpeed value – overchargin it. And it’s completely dynamic system so more steep you are flying the more speed you are going to get! Once the plane is leveled back or at climbing angle the speed overcharge is slowly negated from the maxSpeed value so you can’t fly with overCharged speed forever.

“maxSpeed overCharge” was the biggest single change done the core gameplay physics and changed the overall gameplay feel to a whole another level. It also prohibits some nice escape manouvers to be made and flying in general feels much more responsive. I couldn’t happier how it turned out :).


We briefly touched the menu vizualization problem in the past and made some progress on the subject!

Now we have this little effect on the menu buttons when the wings appear the text font color changes little darker and font size changes a bit. This should make the menu little more lively and better to use.

Menu font color and size change

We also added in the skirmish menu this little animated ball called “pylpyrä” in finnish to vizualize currently chosen option. I also would like to change the active option font color but the way skirmish menu is built using layered surfaces, it makes the task bit more difficult. I need to dedicate some time to think this problem through to get our menu usability on the level where I want it to be. In the skirmish menu you can in later version change the active pilot also so you get inDepth stats per player :). So there must be an easy way to see which “line” is currently active. Also when the menu can be controlled with a pad, the vizualization is a must.

“Pylpyrä” in action.. WIP


Iiro made awesome change to mainmenu background so now it is also a bit more lively with planes flying around. I just have this feeling that if our menu is too static it gets boring very quickly and can ruin the overall experience so we are really hard trying to optimize our UI/UX.


Currently we are in the process of making our first teaser trailer! We hope that it will make some waves and gain us little more attention. With that we are looking for to open an itch.io page to host our final demo version for other devs and interested party to test a closed-demo kinda thingy…. Check our twitter feed to stay updated on the matter.

I also have this plan in my head to open a discord server for low barrier channel to ask us directly about all things triplane and other. I need to run this with Iiro aswell and plan this bit.

After the trailer and demo launch there will be little time dedicated to bugfixing as the “big” launch will probably dig up some things we have not founded ourselves and also fix the things which are already known. Like our infantry being total retards on “how to use your dedicated service weapon” :D.

/*We also REALLY REALLY hope that YoYo Games adds the nintendo switch support to GMS2……..*/ //This line is a secret….


Well I still didn’t finalize the gamepad input code… :( I procastinated with our ui and some other minor fixes. Then this week I really felt that I needed to have a little cool down period from all of this and kept out of office the whole week. First time I opened gamemaker was today to look how i made the speed overCharge system xD. Next week I’ll be back swinging as I have couple days off from my “real work” and wednesday is  Finland’s indepence day which of course is national holiday. So I have three full days to catch up on undone code!

This week was not totally lost however, as a programmer I (ofcourse) do electronics as hobby. Our office door lock really sucks so I been planning this NFC (its really an rfid tag system) door lock unit upgrade for a while now. I ordered the parts for it ages ago and now with all this “free” time I almost finished it this week :). My home desk has been a mess the whole week but it’s always worth it! xD. Basically it’s an arduino with rfid reader, some leds and little dc motor to drive the lock. And a solenoid to lock the latch in place. It’s been a fun little project to get my head out of all things code and indie and gamedevelopment. Some times the burden gets really too heavy.

I will post a picture of the finished install! :)

I will post a picture when the new door lock is installed! :)


Till next week!



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