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So the year changed..  Sorry for being absent ! We told you to be back here for news BEFORE the new year but I must admit that January has been a very busy month for both of us. Its finally time to tell you guys about the things we have been planing and also where the hell have we been?!

Triplane: Furball demo launch

After we launched our demo at in december, there was considerable amount of “release hangover” in the air. It felt really good to have finally something good to show for our efforts but in the same time we really needed a brake from all things game development. So we decided to keep out of the office for the whole christmas. Before the new year Iiro catched somekind of terminal virus that is still bugging him. I was trying to enjoy my well earned holiday from my real work and so the before new year update just never happened.


All projects, even this one needs some funding and that comes from our real jobs which have been consuming us very effectively for the month of January. This first month of the year went by fast and there has been some changes in our personal lives that will affect the development time of our game. I need to move from Turku to Helsinki as I am starting a new job at the end of February. This means that we won’t see each other as much as we normally do during weeks and all the wip-ideas and proto-developing will happen on weekends instead. We will still be actively developing the game but I think that this blog will only see bi-weekly updates as the development speed will take a hit before things settle back to normal again.

Next in development?

So during this break there has been zero development of the game. We had a couple meetings where we talked about the release schedule and things that still need more work.

Key thing missing before launch is the SOLO campaing and this is what we will be working right now. Iiro will be prototyping the campaing menus and my job is changing the way we are currently building the maps. Our goal is to get random “atmosphere” every time the game room start so that there is different weather effects and time of the day. This will also incorporate our dynamic cloud system that should give the game that extra graphical “umph”. I will write about this in greater detail when i get things underway!

There are lots of other thing in the backlog like making the AI more versatile and fixing some of the major infantry related bugs, plane stats and custom pilots etc.. We will write about all the things as we get there :)


For now, it’s impossible for us say any exact dates. I was already editing the trailer but we figured we’d like to incorporate some SP footage and all the different maps and missions we have to offer, there is a teaser kind of trailer ready but we are still bit unsure if it should ever see the daylight. (As of writing this I got a major idea to publish amd stick it to this post as a note to say that we are back in action!) So enjoy this little teaser and stay tuned for the next post!



– Antti

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