History of Triplane? games

SUPRISE… As writing my thesis about our game development process this part had to be taken off so now I will upload it HERE! Cant let it go to waste… Oh yeah.. sorry about the “bi-weekly” updates.. You can expect like … Not frequent updates at all at this point as we need to focus and prioritise the work. Sorry!! :((


Not dead..! but trying..


So the year changed..  Sorry for being absent ! We told you to be back here for news BEFORE the new year but I must admit that January has been a very busy month for both of us. Its finally time to tell you guys about the things we have been planing and also where the hell have we been?!


Bringing a Guitar to a Gunfight

This week our sound guy Ville Kentala has the stage giving little insight how was it to create the music and effects for Triplane: Furball! :)

Creating the music and sounds for Triplane: Furball has been an interesting challenge so far. Before this game I had only done actual audio work for one school project, though I do have about 10 years of experience in composing music.